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Reading Finnegans Wake
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This community serves as a virtual Finnegans Wake reading group.
James Joyce's great work Finnegans Wake (FW) is often lauded as a literary masterwork or an epic prank. No one disputes that it is a exceedingly difficult work to approach. On readingfw, we read Finnegans Wake together.

The plan is: Fridays a moderator will post the week's reading from FW as well as useful reference material related to the passage and statistics about how far the group is. This is not homework, feel free to read the selection, or not. If you read along, week by week, you will eventually finish FW. Throughout the week, post any favorite lines, quotes, or ideas you get from the text. Please by kind, reference any quotes. If you run into anything FW related, especially if you think it's topical, please post it! Note: That offer applies to things that are FW related, irrelevant rubbish will be dealt with accordingly.

Some readingfw tips: feel free to tag entries with your username, so that you can look back on your FW experience or someone else's by browsing by tag. Also - Moderators will tag the readings by book, and by chapter, so if you want to help make a comprehensive 'discussion' of the work, please tag your entries similarly.

Please use the notation "{book}.{chapter}" for chapters and "{page}.{line}" for particular lines. So, "Her untitled mamafesta memorialising the Mosthighest" would be cited in I.5 as 104.4 since it is the fourth line of the 104th page, and it is in the fifth chapter in the the first book.

If you don't have a paper copy of FW, your public or library university should have a copy. Otherwise, there does exist an online copy at: Finnegans Web. [Although the Trent U. copy has errors, as attested by Raphael Slepon here.] As well as a number of very powerful concordances: Concordance of Finnegans Wake compiled by Eric Rosenbloom and Concordex of Finnegans Wake promulgated by Mark Thompson. Raphael Slepon maintains the excellent FWEET elucidation database, we can all help him out by looking at his volunteer page.


pgadey: Hi! My name is Parker Glynn-Adey. I'm a mathematics student at Trent U. My other hobbies include language learning, and journaling. I'm a vegetarian, juggler, and I speak Esperanto.

I've been interested in FW since the middle of highschool, when I found that wacky book in a used book shop. My friends and I, in attempt to be 'deep and meaningful' tried reading it and gave up about three pages in. I'm by no means a Joyce scholar, just an organizer.